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About Universal Science

Universal Science has an established history in two defined areas of operation; thermal management in electronic assemblies and LED lighting. Our over a decade long knowledge and understanding of both industries has enabled us to become the global organisation we are today.

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Materials Direct

Materials Direct

If you’re tired with long lead times to get your precision cut materials or have forgotten to source that final gasket or TIM, then Materials Direct is the answer. You can now receive your production parts manufactured from your drawing in just 24 hours with no hassle.

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Thermal products

Thermal products

Universal Science’s extensive product range has defined categories of product types. These have been arranged based on their physical and technical properties for easier understanding.

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LED solutions

LED solutions

At Universal Science we believe that LED technology is exciting; its efficiencies, capabilities and uses are only going to increase and our aim is to remain at the forefront of this advancing industry.

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Applications expertise


With an ever-increasing need for more electrical power to be handled in smaller spaces and with that thermal management becomes a more significant challenge. Improved thermal management techniques enables product reliability, weight saving, reduced energy consumption and other benefits.

Universal Science works with many automotive related manufacturers and automotive electronics design engineers. This enables us to recognise the industry’s renowned demands for the highest level of quality and excellence. Products we supply extensively for use in automotive applications;

UniGap 1700US; an ultra-soft, vibration dampening, thermally conductive gap filling pad. Coupling heat generating components of various heights to cold wall or chassis.

UniPutty 1800; a one-part, automatically dispensable compound. Ideal for high volume applications where hot devices need a thermal connection to a cold wall or chassis with minimal application pressure.

Universal Science manufactured LED Headlight for Audi A8

Universal Science supplied the LED module for the first prototype LED headlight on the Audi A8



Aerospace / Military

Military and aeronautical materials need to be of the highest quality and performance but also meet exacting standards. Universal Science has over a decade experience in supplying the highest quality military and aerospace materials. Thermal materials manufactured by Universal Science are rigorously tested to meet customer requirements.

LED lighting modules are used today in helicopter landing systems on board ships that are designed and built by Universal Science, through to thermal components used inside Airbus fuel pumps. Products used extensively within aerospace and military applications;

UniShield 6000 is a thermally conductive, electrically isolating heat transfer pad with an embedded copper foil which acts as a Faraday shield to decouple unwanted RF interference.

T-Pad 6500 is our most highly efficient interface material which enables smaller heatsinks to be used thus enabling a reduction in weight and ultimately cost.


Industrial electronics need to be robust, have long lifetimes, be cost sensitive and suitable for use within difficult environments. We produce thermal products and materials that are highly suited to these demanding and difficult applications. Motor drive applications tend to need sealing from the environment and can cause a challenge for effective thermal cooling. Universal Science has materials to suit these demanding applications:

UniGap 3000 is a highly conformable thermally conductive gap filling pad used to extract heat within motor drive applications where the module can only benefit from conduction cooling.

BondPutty 4000 is a one-part, thermally conductive cure in place adhesive. Once cured the material exhibits excellent vibration dampening properties. Can be used to fill voids, seal and thermally connect hot devices.

LED lighting

One of the biggest concerns during normal operation of LEDs is the management of heat generated within the device.

Sufficient thermal management in LED lighting can preserve the longevity, increase the reliability and optimise the performance of the design throughout its entire lifetime. Consult our 5 Step LED Lighting Design and Manufacturing Service for more information.

A Universal Science LED module uses products and materials designed specifically for this market place. A module supplied by Universal Science is guaranteed to work every time.

Bondline 700 is designed to bond FR4 to heatsinks enabling electrical isolating a high thermal performance and a permanent structural bond. Available in 3 thicknesses to accommodate differing Copper weights on the FR4.

UniGraph 5000 is a soft and compliant graphite interface material designed to couple metal backed lighting modules printed circuit boards to heatsinks.


Coupling discreet heat generating semiconductors to heatsinks remain commonplace in power supply assemblies. Universal Science manufactures custom shaped electrically isolating, thermally conductive pads.

Insulated metal printed circuit boards produced by UNiSci offer an alternative method of control heat and enable smaller heatsinks or fewer semiconductors to be used.

T-Pad 6500 is a high thermally conductive interface material with guaranteed electrical isolation and is suitable for coupling devices such as TO247 and TO220.

UniGraph 5000 is a soft and compliant interface material designed to couple metal backed printed circuit boards to heatsinks. Particularly suited for full brick to quarter brick conversion or power conversion products.


Computing equipment is becoming increasingly more powerful and reducing its size a more important element of its design. Sufficient thermal management of the electronics within these assemblies has never been more important.

Universal Science remains at the forefront of technological advancements in managing heat generated by computer processing units. Our materials enable smaller heatsink designs for portable equipment as well as moving heat efficiently in the design.

UniPhase 3500 is a coating applied to a heatsink, cured in place and is dry to the touch. This enables heatsinks supplied by Universal Science to have its interface material ready for immediate use.

UniGap 1100ES is an exceptionally-soft gap filling material, applying minimal application pressure in combination with a high thermal conductivity.