Thermal products

Universal Science offers one of the highest quality and most diverse ranges of thermal management hardware in the world

To be able to make a sound evaluation and a better selection of thermal products for use in solving your thermal management issues, you first need the most comprehensive range from which to make your choice. Universal Science’s diverse range of the highest quality thermal products and materials can facilitate in making this decision process easier.

Universal Science’s extensive product range has defined categories of product types. These have been arranged based on their physical and technical properties for easier understanding.

Deciding on which product best suits your application is crucial to the success and reliability of your project. Universal Science’s experienced engineers will gladly review your project and offer a design suggestion and product selection from our extensive range. Free samples are readily available from your local office for evaluation, please do not hesitate in completing your request for samples as required.

Our products are supported by our comprehensive and dependable technical support to help you make the right engineering and commercial decisions, so feel free to email an enquiry or call your nearest office today.