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Re-flowable thermal adhesive tape for PCB manufacturers

Universal Science release new thermal adhesive tape with 1.0 W/mK thermal performance

Universal Science, the thermal management company, has launched a high thermal conductivity adhesive tape which is also reflowable.

The tape, Bondline 1000-Reflow, is the first of its kind and removes a handling/production process for companies that generally would procure PCBs and thermal adhesive tape separately and then apply the tape in-house. The new tape, which has 1.0 W/mK thermal conductivity, removes this process as the tape is applied at the PCB manufacturing stage and so saves the end-user the time, cost and effort of sourcing a tape and then having to apply it correctly.

The tape is simply laminated to the PCB at the point of manufacture and can be drilled, scored and routed as normal. The customer receives a PCB with guaranteed thermal management properties which can then be populated with components as normal and put through the reflow process – Bondline 1000-Reflow has been tested up to 290oC. Following reflow the customer simply removes the backing paper from the tape and sticks the board to the heat sink – no other form of fixing such as screws or clips are required, again, saving the customer both time and money.