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At Universal Science we are constantly looking at new ways to redefine the possibilities that a light engine can offer. Our previous success in producing very long, very thin light engines has inspired us to push the boundaries of PCB production yet again, and we are now excited to announce that we are producing the Zhaga L56W56.

The Zhaga Consortium has, for over seven years, provided the lighting industry with standard product designs, from luminaires to light engines, and the L56W56 may be one of the most ambitious ‘standards’ they have set their name to. Seeing how useful a board of this size could be, our technicians began to work on acquiring the equipment to produce such a large format PCB.

We are pleased to say that we succeeded in our efforts and we will now be producing the Zhaga L56W56 as one of our standard light engines. The benefits of a board this size are many. Firstly by using a single large format PCB in a luminaire, such as a panel light, you can greatly reduce the size of the BOM as you no longer have to link multiple light engines. Or if you are already using a single smaller light engine, you can watch your lumens sky rocket when replaced with the Zhaga L56W56.

Additionally the Zhaga L56W56 offers many exciting new opportunities when it comes to luminaire design, as the metal backed PCB can become the back of the luminaire itself. Again this can save on both the BOM costs and quantities of your luminaire, while also reducing the build time. It’s easy to see how using a single large light engine, like the Zhaga L56W56, can save you both time and money; while offering innumerable opportunities for design and application.

Here at Universal Science we are committed to helping our customers getting the best possible solution that is right for them and their designs. To enquire about this board, or any of our other products, you can email us at or call us on 01908 222 211.