Nichia is a well established LED manufacturer. As with all LEDs it’s critical that the heat generated through operation is effectively managed otherwise both the life of the LED and the quality of light emitted will be seriously compromised.

Universal Science have over 20 years experience in thermal management and over this time we have used our expertise to develop a comprehensive range of thermal interface materials which will ensure optimal performance is achieved from Nichia LEDs.

Thermal Materials for Nichia COB LEDs
Nichia Product Tapes Greases & Phase Change

Nichia COB
Bondline 200
Bondline 300
Bondline 700
Bondline 1800
Bondline 2000-REFLOW
UniGrease 800
UniGrease 900
UniGrease 1000NS
UniGrease 1300NS
UniGrease 3000
UniGrease 5000NS
UniPhase 1000
UniPhase 2000
UniPhase 2500
UniPhase 3000
UniPhase 4000-COB

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