As the lighting industry continues to embrace LED technology and new innovations are introduced, Universal Science is continually adapting its own range of high performance products to meet the demand for thermal management materials. The latest Chip On Board (COB) LEDs offer a host of benefits where a single source of light is required but with more power being delivered into a smaller, more concentrated area the potential for problems related to the inefficient management of heat can multiple. Whilst LEDs are inherently reliable the detrimental effects of heat on both performance and longevity can be dramatic.

However, Universal Science has almost 20 years’ experience of managing thermal issues related to LEDs and offers a comprehensive consultation, design and supply service. As an accredited partner to most major LED manufacturers in Universal Science can ensure that wherever you use COB LEDs you can be certain that the thermal management considerations have been integrated into your product and the life of the LEDs maximised.

Click on one of the logos below and you will be taken to a manufacturer specific page where we suggest thermal management products for the specific COB LED that you have chosen. We can also supply a range of pre-cut thermal tapes which will fit the dimensions of your LED perfectly.


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