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At Universal Science we believe that LED technology is exciting; its efficiencies, capabilities and uses are only going to increase and our aim is to remain at the forefront of this advancing industry

We made an early move into the LED lighting industry back in 2004 after acknowledging that we can put our expertise in heat management to use in LED products. During this time the market was much smaller than it is today, and since then there has been continuous growth in innovative products being developed by our customers and the overall growth in superiority over older lighting technology.

Universal Science manufactures standard and custom designed LED light engines, thermal systems and now supply secondary optics, drivers and power supplies to suit your application.

We optimise and enhance the design of the LED light engine to ensure that it is thermally managed correctly. In doing this we use only the best materials and most advanced manufacturing techniques.

Our partners and accreditations come from the world’s most recognised lighting and electronic bodies. We are certified by Lumileds, Cree, Osram and Seoul Semiconductor as a solution provider for the design, manufacture and supply of LED light engines.

Universal Science is widely accepted to be one of the leading suppliers of light engines in the following areas; street lighting, tunnel lighting, roadway signage, indoor and outdoor architectural lighting, automotive, aviation and railway.

We distribute an extensive range of LED optics and reflectors from LED-Link and have experience in supplying these products from various other manufacturers. We also offer high quality LED emitters for UV curing and colour changing LEDs for the entertainment industry from LEDengin. Power supplies and drivers are available through Universal Science from ARCH electronics.

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